JJ Javier

Jj is the young lion of the networking industry in the Philippines. He is able to maintain the highest and most prestigious industry achievement, recorded at an international level. Jj did this consistently for three consecutive years, starting from 2012 to 2014.
This edified him into knighthood level in the said industry, caused him to travel the world for free, while meeting people along the way who encouraged him to keep on moving forward so he can extend further his capacity to witness how networking can transform lives from lack into abundance. The only major hindrance that Jj sees which can bring this into a momentum of fruition are the wrong practices of other networking industries, which breeds mistrust among many professionals, who can be substantially alleviated by networking. This caused Jj to study and learn more from multi-national counterparts who accept networking as a legitimate career and a viable profession.
Then Jj positioned himself to educate his fellowmen about the correct way of doing networking. As Jj ventured into such associations, he found himself mentoring and training more people, locally and internationally, who are able to duplicate his successes. This and the desire to market the best quality and healthy consumable products, caused JJ to brave his way into opening Breakroad35 International Marketing Corporation.

According to Jj, the challenge of making Breakroad 35 International Marketing Corporation. stand the test of time is an easy hurdle to overcome because of leaders who practice integrity and sincerely enjoy sharing the business.
In fact, there are several branches in Asia, Europe and North America which are all rapidly growing and expanding.
However, Jj still wants to welcome more people who can make the best decision to join him and his team in creating better opportunities, fulfill their own dreams and at the same time give back by teaching others to break roads and triumph together in life, which is the real essence of success.